Visualization of exteriors

Only 3d-visualization allows to create the effect of presence. You can estimate original appearance, parameters of future architectural building or interior of apartment to beginning of works on embodiment of planning in reality. And – mainly: unlike sketches, on a 3d-image Your object will look as on a picture: similarly expressly and realistically

Architectural visualization is a photorealistic image of the future object that is made using computer technology. 3D simulation is based on real measurements, design dimensions and sizes of accessories. As a result, You get the picture as close to reality..
This approach to design allows to insure You from unnecessary costs and to avoid wrong decisions. Through the visualization you can see in advance all the details how will look the final result of the design project.

Studio “Modernviz” offers services of 3D modeling and visualization of any level of complexity. Professional artists in the smallest details will simulate a 3D projection of any object, the device or an interior according to your desire.